Auto Responders – The Tool of the Online Marketing Professional

If you are not using sequential email marketing systems in your online business you are losing money. It is really as simple as that. A high quality system will automate many parts of the online marketing process in addition to saving you a lot of time marketing and promoting your product or service. Literally every top marketer in the world utilizes these types of methods in their online business and if you are seeking to make any real money in your business, you should probably look into using them as well.

A sequential emailing system will automatically send emails to anyone on your list. These emails can be preloaded with whatever marketing letters you may have and you can set the timing on the auto responders to send out the messages in a certain interval. For example, an auto responder may send out an immediately message on opt-in promoting a particular product or service. Then 2 days later the auto responder may send out a follow up messages with more information and again asking for the sale. As you can see, this marketing tool can be extremely powerful.

Some top marketers have their mailing systems set to follow up with a prospect with not just a couple of messages, but to follow up for years. It’s based on the mentality of ‘either buy or opt out,’ and this marketing technique is extremely powerful and can lead to many sales. ‘Either buy or opt-out’ is used on a daily basis by top internet marketers.

Another thing that needs to be taken into consideration when using an auto responder is deliverability. The reasoning for this is simple: if no one is getting your emails, then no one is buying. The auto responder service you sign up with must have a high quality service and a process for making your emails deliverable. This usually requires a full time staff of techs, and an auto responder is not something an online marketer can ‘setup on the side.’

Properly utilizing these types of systems can have an immediate and direct impact on an internet markets online marketing efforts. The benefits associated with using one far outweigh the costs of acquiring it, and a good auto responder can pay dividends to an online business for many of years to come.