Email Marketing Software – GVO Review

GVO is an acronym for the company Global Virtual Opportunities – and they are aptly named. One of the few companies taking advantage of bulk email marketing, GVO stands at the forefront of web hosting companies. Not providing simply a bulk email service, GVO gives its users secure web hosting, and tacks the bulk email and email marketing service on top of that. This GVO review will tell you everything you need to know about why you should choose the company.

Global Virtual Opportunities is not a spam company, though. They hate spammers as much as you or I do. What their email marketing software allows the user to do is build a list at a low cost. Where other companies may charge as much as $50 or more for only 5,000 subscribers, and more than $130 for over 10,000 subscribers, Global Virtual Opportunities provides a list of up to 10,000 for absolutely free.

Not only that, but the company prides itself on customer service. If you have any trouble with your email marketing software, Global Virtual Opportunities is there to help you out. They have a high-quality data center that means your information is secure, as well as dependable web hosting that can’t be beaten.

They offer services comparable to those like Aweber, GoToMeeting, and Vimeo at a very low cost – free. Global Virtual Opportunities’ answer to these is their patented Eresponder Pro, GVOConference, and Easy Video Producer, software that performs the exact same service as the name-brand items but at no cost to the user. These tools allow you to drive up your revenue and build your email list.

Eresponder Pro in particular is useful for its autoresponder service. For those that don’t know, and autoresponder is a program that automatically responds to any emails sent to it, a perfect answer to what to do if you are on vacation but worried about your inbox. Eresponder Pro allows your autoresponder to have personalized messages that track click-through rates and other SEO options, in addition to sending out timed emails. The autoresponder service can deliver hundreds or even thousands of emails quickly and painlessly directly to your list with the click of a single button.

The Prospecting System Software helps the user create landing pages and lead capture pages with ease, and also writes all of the ad copy for that page. Not only does it generate copy, it generates effective copy, saving you the trouble of hiring an expensive copywriter or using a service like Elance or Odesk to hire someone who might not know what they’re doing. This system connects to your autoresponder so that it can easily generate personalized pages for each visitor.

Global Virtual Opportunities has so much software and so much potential for any user. I hope this GVO Review has been helpful to you, and I would recommend using the service. Jump on it now before it’s discovered by the masses and increases it cost, because there is no better value at the moment.

Autoresponders to Attract More Physical Therapy Patients

When a patient walks through your physical therapy clinic doors or calls to find out more information you have staff ready and waiting to greet these patients and take down their contact information.

How about a prospective patient who has recently injured themselves and has a prescription for physical therapy.

They go online and search for PT clinics in their area.

Let’s say it’s 10pm and your clinic website comes up in their search. Do you have anyone there to take down their information. Without the proper internet marketing, this prospect will leave your site and you will have no way to contact them again.

An autoresponder is vital tool that you need to include on your PT clinic’s website. This tool directs a patient who visits your site to take the next step in your marketing funnel which is to provide you with their name and email.

They fill out this information in return for something of value or some piece of information that would benefit them.

Physical Therapy clinics use a wide variety of offers such as a wellness newsletter, free e-book on stretching, videos, articles and much more. The patient puts their name and email in the sign up box to obtain this free information from the expert PT’s at your clinic.

So, your first area of focus should be on brainstorming ideas of what you could provide of value to prospective patients.

There are many autoresponder services. There are some free services but from past experience you should avoid these. It is true, you get what you pay for. There are many quality services that are fairly inexpensive. Head over to my blog for more information. Feel free to contact me as well if you have specific questions. The link is in the resource box below.

Most of these services are user friendly and walk you through the process of setting up the autoresponder.

Remember that the ultimate goal is to provide valuable content to your subscribers. Your follow up emails must give valuable information and cannot be blatant ads for your clinic. You will quickly become an expert Physical Therapy clinic online and attract more patients to your door.

Once again, If you need help with your autoresponder please let me know by visiting my blog which can be found in the resource box below.

Make sure you implement this valuable tool before you lose another prospective patient.

GetResponse Review 2019: What Can It Do For You?

GetResponse is an online marketing automation software that has been used by many business owners. It helps in the creation of appealing

newsletter for subscribers. It was founded in the year 1999 by an online marketing expert by the name Simon Grabowski. It helps business merchants to create content, sent marketing emails, increase sales and operate vital tasks online.

This company has been growing swiftly because entrepreneurs are finding it to be of great help on marketing issues. It is operating globally and that whey you can see its offices in places like Poland, Gdynia and many other places. The main offices of GetResponse are in Gdansk, Poland. Knowing that marketing is the most critical aspects of any business forces you to research on GetResponse. GetResponse review 2019 reveals that more than 350000 businesses in 182 countries are working with GetResponse.

Overview of GetResponse

GetResponse was initiated to help businesses to increase their sale volume. It also helps in increasing the number of subscribers and how to engage with them. This can only be achieved through thorough marketing campaigns. GetResponse got email editor that allows the users to download letters at their will. The user can enjoy much because there is no kind of coding during the drafting of the newsletters. The email drafting portions consist of templates to create amazing emails and also images. Email drafting portion can help you reduce the overall cost of calling a graphic designer because this can do all that for you.

With GetResponse, you can also find landing page creator. It enables users to customize web forms and even landing pages. The good thing with landing pages is that you can create appealing templates that you can use at any time. With GetResponse, marketers can make money within a short time by creating many websites without a code.

There are so many features that are associated with GetResponse. They include cart abandonment, least scoring, automation segmentation, tracking and many more. GetResponse considers beginners by offering some tiers when it comes to pricing. GetResponse got for main prizing modes which are, pro, max, email, and enterprise. It is good to have in mind that the four prizing option operates differently when it comes to marketing features.

Features of GetResponse

Marketing automation

Marketing automation is one of the features that are found in GetResponce that allows one to create workflows that will enable one to send

many segments of data at once. And because of this, fantastic feature, you cannot compare GetResponse and Aweber. With the segmentation tools, you can also subdivide the contacts of your subscribers as you sent the emails. It is even much more comfortable to respond to your customers because it works automatically. If you divide your mails into segments, that you only need to click the checkbox and tick your preferred sections as you sent the mails. In each segment, you can also opt to send emails to a few individuals, and because of this, you cannot compare GetResponce with mail chimp.


GetResponse can host a webinar platform, which is excellent when it comes to email marketing. This is a great platform because you can advertise your products and also conduct some training sessions. A webinar is a platform that you need to have a password so that you can protect all your details.

With a webinar, you can manage your trainee under one roof as you share your presentation. You can even host up to 100 participants. Purchasing this platform depends on the number of attendees you have in your session. Webinar platform made GetResponse be ahead of its competitor. It is tough to find a flexible email marketing platform that operates like GetResponse.

Landing Page Builder

GetResponse allows its users to build land pages that are even mobile-friendly. This has also made marketers to customize land pages for

sale. If you want to have a high performing page, you can opt to test the conversion rate of each page.

Other online marketing platforms have created landing pages which cannot outweigh that of GetResponse. The landing page that has been

introduced by Mailchimp is even yet to be launched. Consider the GetResponse landing page that has the best plans. You can save a lot because it cost less than $100 per month.


With GetResponse autofunnel feature, you are sure of running an e-commerce business. It is one of the latest features in GetResponse. There so many things you can do with autofunnel like creating landing pages, running a campaign on Facebook, create a product catalog. The good this is that you do have to leave the GetResponse page. You can even receive payments for your products.

GetResponse Pros And Cons


Best when it comes to marketing automation options

·It is much cheaper compared to other online email marketing platforms.

·There are some discounts offered if you pay for more than two years of service. This kind of prize reduction cannot be seen in many online marketing sites.

·You can manage so many activities with the autofunnel feature.

·It is more flexible because of the split testing features.

·You are sure of getting all the information on delivery rates and publishing rates.

·They offer duration for you to try them with no kind of fee for like 30days


·Designing emails is becoming a nightmare, and that is why they need to improve the interface for drag and drop.

·Marketing automation is not available in all plans.

·Fewer e-newsletter templates

·You need to pay so that you can have the landing page platform, which is not in other marketing platforms.

·It is tough to use a phone to enjoy all the GetResponse features.

Review conclusion

If you want to market your products you can go for GetResponse platform. It enables you to communicate with your customers through email. It is much cheaper as you are sure of saving a lot compared to the competitors. You are assured of enjoying landing pages, e-commerce, funnel, and many other beneficial features. With time GetResponse will be advanced in a way that you will not find any disadvantage of not using it.

3 Ways to Ensure Your Autoresponder Messages Are Not Rejected

With great power comes great responsibility, or so we are told. Such is the case with autoresponders, the heart of e-mail marketing. No doubt they have revolutionized e-commerce and information marketing. However, as with so many great innovations, autoresponders are susceptible to abuse and misuse. Nothing represents irresponsible autoresponder use better than unsolicited commercial mail (UCE), and unsolicited bulk mail (UBE).

…Also known as spam.

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate legitimate Internet marketers from spammers. The large internet service providers (ISPs) have sophisticated anti-spam technology that frequently traps proper messages; smaller businesses also employ spam filters. Today, standard practice within most e-mail systems is moving questionable messages into a ‘Spam’ folder or in some cases deleting them outright. No questions asked.

To ensure that autoresponder messages reach your subscribers’ Inbox safely, use the following three tactics:

1. Create a ‘White List’ Thank You Page.

Don’t assume that your list-building is safe after prospects enter their contact information into your opt-in page. Once they click your ‘Subscribe’ button, redirect them to a web page that gives clear instructions for confirming their request. If you are using a double opt-in procedure, tell them what to look for in your confirmation message’s From: and Subject: lines. Consider putting in specific instructions for getting onto Google (G-mail), Yahoo!, AOL, and MSN whitelists, since many subscribers use these services.

Even if new subscribers confirm their opt-in, remind them about whitelisting in your first (“Welcome”) message. It’s also a good idea to have your own accounts with large web-based e-mail clients, so that you can test and verify that your white-listing plan actually works.

2. Put each of Your Messages through a Spam Checker.

Successfully adding new subscribers and being placed on whitelists does not give you free reign to write e-mails as you please. Avoid your subscribers’ Spam box by pre-testing each message before scheduling it in your autoresponder. Several third party e-mail deliverability services include automatic checking software with your membership. Otherwise, consider downloading a leading spam checker; many are no-cost and web-based for convenient use. With experience, you will learn to recognize words, phrases, and writing styles that demand editing or in the extreme case, a complete rewrite.

3. Send Subscribers an Appropriate Mix of Content and Offers.

Internet marketers are regularly targeted as spammers, so it behooves you to do everything possible to maintain a good score with subscribers as well as their e-mail clients. After all, what’s the point of being white-listed and using spam checking software if you’re going to blow it with 100% hard sell e-mails? Stay true to your original intentions by demonstrating your expertise to readers, building real relationships, and making appropriate offers that solve problems. You will be doing the industry, list members, and yourself a great service.

The Case Against Using An Autoresponder

I’ve had to put on my best armour today.

Why? Because I’m no doubt gonna get one hell of a backlash from certain people. After all, email marketers are supposed to love autoresponders.

Aren’t they?

Well, hold your horses. Because I’m here to tell you why you should be sending daily emails (as daily broadcasts) as opposed to relying on an autoresponder sequence.

Ready? Let’s get straight into it…

1) You can’t be “current” with an autoresponder

One of the best things about daily email, is that you get to talk about current events.

And when you talk to your prospects about current things that are happening in the world, they’re gonna pay attention.

Want an example? Okay then. When Leicester won the Premier League, it gave me something current to talk about. And it turned out to be one of the most profitable emails I’ve written. I reckon this was just because people could relate to it, as it had only just happened.

TV series’ and films also make for great email fodder. Again, clearly you have to be current when talking about these.

But if you relied on an autoresponder, you couldn’t exactly be “current”, could you…

2) You risk “losing” a lot of people because of one email

Look, even I write a poor email once in a while (I know, shock horror, right?!).

But that doesn’t matter. Because I can just make sales the next day with a better email. And that poor email would then be consigned to history.

But if that same email was in an autoresponder sequence, every single person who joined my list in the future would also receive it. Yes, I know you could take it out or change it. But that’s making things harder than they need to be. Sending daily emails is just so less complicated.

3) Autoresponders don’t tend to “pitch” in every single email

Look, I know you can easily make an autoresponder with a sales pitch in every email.

But the fact of the matter is, most autoresponders don’t. Instead, they tend to tell a story that is told over the course of numerous emails, before then pitching a product/service.

Now, listen.

I’m sure this works.

There are certainly guys who do successfully use autoresponders. Andre Chaperon and John McIntyre spring to mind.

But I believe Ben Settle is the best email marketer in the world. And he does daily email. And, yes, he pitches every single day – without having to take anyone through a long-winded story sequence. Clearly, you’re gonna make money faster doing it Ben’s way. And I like fast. I’m sure you do, too.

Anyway, I’m not saying autoresponders are the devil.

Far from it.

In fact, they do have some advantages over daily broadcasts.

But you know what? For me personally, nothing has come even close to beating daily email when it comes to making sales.

And trust me, if you do it right, it’ll be the same for you, too.

Things to Look for in an AutoResponder

An AutoResponder can be defined as a program that answers your emails automatically when received. They can be complex or very simple. So as to understand what an AutoResponder is, think of emailing system that is set in a way that it can respond automatically using prewritten texts or a system that is able to fill out forms as it searches for any further information on what is on offer.

Success in internet marketing

The very success in internet marketing can be achieved by automating the most repetitive tasks as you can. The AutoResponder can be very helpful as they can allow you to be much more effective and they can help you to accomplish so much more within a very little time. Time is a very valuable thing. If you are able to use time effectively, then you will be able to increase income in a great way.

What to look for

There are several things that are very essential and should be considered when choosing the best AutoResponder. They include:

Personalization features

Personalization is a great way of addressing all subscribers by their names within your letters. When you do this, your response rate actually increases. More people are likely to open messages and review them when they are made personally. Insisting on AutoResponder personalization will give you great returns.

Ability to broadcast

When you think of special announcements, updates and discount offers that are aimed at an entire list, then the ability to broadcast be a feature that can be really helpful. You may get a very quick response after you have sent out the messages. You only need to press the send button and everyone will know what is on offer.

The ability to import

Sometimes you may want to migrate those lists or even purchased lists and if you have the import feature, then this becomes very easy and fast to achieve.

Restrictions on size

As you continue doing your online marketing, then you will end up having very large lists of customers. Your AutoResponder should be in a position to handle these numbers of subscribers without any trouble. Being able to manage the long lists is an added advantage.

The very first of the AutoResponder kind was created by agents within the mail transfer sector and they realized that it wasn’t possible to deliver emails to a certain address but rather got the bounce messages. Today, it is a very important thing to ensure that email backscatter isn’t created because the auto responses can actually be sent to spam folder of messages.

AutoResponders are important email marketing tools and they give important information to various prospective customers. Fallow ups are also done within time intervals that are preset.


AutoResponders can be categorized into two. They are the server side that enables different users to install the system on their servers and no technical skills are needed. There are also the outsourced ASP models that can operate in infrastructure of the provider. Configuration can be done through a control panel based on the web.

A Simple Case For the Autoresponder

If you’re new to online marketing and are not sure if you should even be using an auto-responder then this article may help you to make a decision to use one.

First of all, what is are auto-responders?

They are an email program located on a mail server which you can load up with pre-written emails which can be sent at regular intervals. When a person clicks on an opt-in form on a website for more information an email is sent within minutes of the request.

How do they work?

The most common method used is a simple website opt-in form where a person enters their name and email address for more information. Upon receiving the request, the auto-responder will send a confirmation email with a link for the person to click to verify they actually want to receive your emails. Once they have agreed to receive your emails the auto-responder will begin sending out your pre-set emails.

Should I use an auto-responder for my business?

Absolutely! One of the major reasons is that you can offer 24/7 follow-up to any request for more information. Plus you can market your business on the back end, so to speak, through leaving your business links in your emails. You must be careful to deliver the information that you promised, and not blatant advertising emails, this is spamming. However, leaving your business link in your email signature is allowed and can be a very powerful yet subtle form of marketing.

No matter how you look at it, an auto-responder can help you bring in earnings – as well as make your life a lot easier. They are easy to use, and will work great with your site. If you operate several web pages, you simply must have one of these. Once you use an auto-responder you’ll never want to be without one again. If you’re serious about building a prosperous business you absolutely must have one.

I personally use an auto-responder for my “Internet Marketing,” and can’t imagine doing business without it! Since I started using one my business is growing in leaps and bounds. Yours will too.

Where do I find a good one?

Probably the best way is to simply Google it and choose one from the first page. You will find several good ones here. If you’re looking to make money online then I suggest signing up for a paid auto-responder service as they are more robust and you have full control. Plus they usually offer an affiliate program where you can get paid for referring others. This way you may end up with a free membership as you’ll be getting paid a percentage for each referral.

To be successful online you must have an auto-responder. The importance of building and maintaining a list of potential customers can’t emphasized enough if you want to maximize your business profit.

A Qualty Autoresponder Software Is The Difference Between Success And Failure With Email Marketing

Why Do You Need Autoresponder Software?

Autoresponder software is the number one tool that all internet marketers should have in their arsenal, if they are serious about making real money online. This should include you too! It’s simply not possible for you to contact your subscriber list manually and this is why you will need to use autoresponder software.

To help with the email marketing side of your business, you will need to have a quality autoresponder in place. There are lots of email marketing tips I can offer you, but these will only work if you have your autoresponder software in place.

It has been shown through years of research that potential customers need to be exposed to your offer at least seven times, before they will purchase from you. What better way of creating this exposure in a gentle, non- sales like way than by emailing them on a regular basis.

Once somebody has filled in their contact details on your subscriber page, they will automatically receive your pre-written follow up email marketing messages at the times you have scheduled. Once set up, this truly is an automated way of gaining exposure to the products or services you are promoting. What could be easier!

Which Is The Best Autoresponder Software?

It’s now time for you to look at which product meets your requirements by looking at the features that they have to offer. Now don’t get me wrong, there are lots of free products out there.

However, if you truly want to be successful, I have found that none of these provide the features that you and I require in our list building efforts.

Sometimes we can use free solutions in our internet marketing business, such as WordPress, which is the best blog software available, whereas at other times we may need to invest in our success.

I have found by my research, as well as using them myself, that there are only two real contenders. We would only recommend a program that has a hosted solution, due to the ease of set up and the fact that you will need no technical knowledge.

I love easy solutions to problems, where my work load is reduced, and so should you! The two solutions below fulfill this criteria, so let’s take a look at them.

AWeber is the only autoresponder software that I currently use. Their customer service is second to none, with live chat and a free phone number. You are able to set up as many messages as you want, follow up campaigns and broadcasts to your subscribers.

The step by step tutorials are excellent, and you will be led by the hand to set up all of your email campaigns. In my opinion AWeber is the quickest autoresponder software currently available and the interface is childs play.

AWeber are currently offering a $1 trial, and there is a 30 day money back guarantee. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

I have used Get Response in the past, but as mentioned, I prefer the AWeber service. Saying that Get Response is still an excellent service and it comes down to personal preference. They do offer a free service, which is good if you are on a tight budget, but it does have its limitations.

You could always start with the free service and upgrade when you see your business grow.

Which Autoresponder Software Do You Use?

Now I have provided you with my honest opinion on the two best solutions. I would suggest that you seriously look at them both and carry out your own research. This way you can form your own opinion on which service suits your own requirements the best.

Auto Responders – The Tool of the Online Marketing Professional

If you are not using sequential email marketing systems in your online business you are losing money. It is really as simple as that. A high quality system will automate many parts of the online marketing process in addition to saving you a lot of time marketing and promoting your product or service. Literally every top marketer in the world utilizes these types of methods in their online business and if you are seeking to make any real money in your business, you should probably look into using them as well.

A sequential emailing system will automatically send emails to anyone on your list. These emails can be preloaded with whatever marketing letters you may have and you can set the timing on the auto responders to send out the messages in a certain interval. For example, an auto responder may send out an immediately message on opt-in promoting a particular product or service. Then 2 days later the auto responder may send out a follow up messages with more information and again asking for the sale. As you can see, this marketing tool can be extremely powerful.

Some top marketers have their mailing systems set to follow up with a prospect with not just a couple of messages, but to follow up for years. It’s based on the mentality of ‘either buy or opt out,’ and this marketing technique is extremely powerful and can lead to many sales. ‘Either buy or opt-out’ is used on a daily basis by top internet marketers.

Another thing that needs to be taken into consideration when using an auto responder is deliverability. The reasoning for this is simple: if no one is getting your emails, then no one is buying. The auto responder service you sign up with must have a high quality service and a process for making your emails deliverable. This usually requires a full time staff of techs, and an auto responder is not something an online marketer can ‘setup on the side.’

Properly utilizing these types of systems can have an immediate and direct impact on an internet markets online marketing efforts. The benefits associated with using one far outweigh the costs of acquiring it, and a good auto responder can pay dividends to an online business for many of years to come.

AWeber Vs MailChimp: Which Works Better?

You can never do away with people or visitors who will just go to your website and will probably not buy anything. This is a problem encountered by all internet marketers. However, you can always do something to reduce this kind of traffic leak. One of the most effective ways is by presenting your readers or visitors with the option to sign up for your mailing list. This is where you will need a reliable email autoresponder and an effective landing or capture page. An autoresponder delivers information (including download links) as soon as the visitor confirms his email address after signing up through your landing page. It enables continuous marketing at very low-cost, expands reach and attracts more traffic and subscribers to your blog or website. Above all, it helps generate repeat sales and develop long-term relationships with your subscribers with little efforts.

As an internet marketer, choosing the right autoresponder is very crucial to the success of your online business. I had the chance to review the features of two well-known service providers, and here I will discuss them briefly to you to help decide what features and benefits to consider when choosing the right one for your business.

AWeber is considered as the market leader in email marketing and mailing list management with its smooth email marketing system. It provides its customers numerous user-friendly and customizable templates that come with 1 to 2 column designs to easily fit different opt-in forms and it allows you to create your own sign-up forms using its built-in wizard. It is equipped with a system that can import your contacts not only from your site, but also from a couple of third-party websites including PayPal and Yahoo. AWeber offers free migration support for importing your list from other email marketing service provider.

Knowing your progress with AWeber is made easy because of its excellent tracking system that will monitor your campaign’s performance. It will show you the people who opened your mail, which of your links are clicked and the number of people who opt-out or no longer wish to stay in your list. Its segmenting feature can group your subscribers based on similar activities like opening the same link or purchasing the same product. This is particularly helpful in targeting the right content to the appropriate leads for higher revenue conversion.

MailChimp is another autoresponder provider. It also offers numerous opt-in form templates, however not customizable. Just like AWeber, it provides a campaign progress report that details the growth of your subscribers and your subscriber’s activities, whether they read your email and click on your links or not.

I have come across a couple of customer reviews about MailChimp. Some users are unhappy with their services, especially on the issues about user’s accounts being shutdown, while others are complaining about being unable to send messages to their subscribers. Some say that these things happen because of MailChimp’s very strict policies, making people address the network as “not affiliate friendly”.

As to their rates, AWeber offers its services depending on the number of your subscribers. You will be charged $19 per month for 500 subscribers, $29 for 2500 subscribers, $49 for 5000 subscribers, $69 for 10,000 subscribers, $149 for 25, 000 and if you gain more subscribers, you can talk to their help desk for a special price. While in MailChimp, your first month will be free of charge, given that it will not exceed its trial limit which is 2000 subscribers. On the succeeding months, you will also be charged

depending on the number of your subscribers. For 2,500 subscribers, you will be billed $30, $50 for 5,000 subscribers, $75 for 10,000 subscribers, $150 for 25,000, $240 for 50,000 and a special price if you exceed those.

You may find that AWeber is more expensive compared to MailChimp when you have less than 2000 subscribers, However, once you have more than 10,000 subscribers MailChimp charges more per month than AWeber. Most important of all is you need to consider long-term which email list provider will be more beneficial to you. Surely, you do not want to start engaging with one, that will eventually fail or not work for your business. Yes, you can move and replace your service provider if things do not get any better, but you must remember that moving or transferring your list is not an easy and beneficial task. Given that when you do so, chances are up to 90% of your subscribers that you have worked hard for can be lost.

Remember that in choosing or settling for a service provider, be it AWeber or MailChimp or another company altogether, you really need to do your homework before you commit. List building management is such an important part of your growing your business in terms of being able to build trust and relationship with your subscribers and being able to provide value. Keep in mind That it is through value based marketing that you will be able to monetize your list. So to answer the question AWeber Vs. MailChimp, it is necessary for you to check the company’s credentials and reviews before getting involved, as you want to be able to deal with a company that you can use for the long-term and one you can rely on to effectively manage your email list.