Mobile Autoresponder – SMS Marketing Will Profit Your Businesses

How have mobile autoresponders changed the face of marketing forever?

It seems like technology continues to advance at such a blinding rate that what we never thought possible, seems to now be part of everyday life. Who would have ever thought even 30 years ago that computer technology would run just about every device that exists today.

Up until 10 years ago, email marketing was not even really a thought, but with autoresponder technology, it’s a common strategy (or should be) for every business.

Well, email isn’t going to disappear anytime soon, but now there is an even more exciting shift in marketing that has the business world even more excited. This is the use of a text autoresponder to market to the fast paced growth of users that have a mobile device?

Is text marketing using a mobile autoresponder really effective?

The answer is a resounding YES!! And here are some statistics that will give you something to think about if you decide to start sms marketing using this.

–Marketing to mobile devices will account for over 15% of all ad spending online by 2016

–A remarkable 90% of those owning a cell phone have it by their side or in arms reach 24 hours a day.

–5 Billion people have a mobile phone. You need to realize that the world population is around 7 billion.

The use of mobile marketing using a SMS autoresponder is truly exciting for any business. Is there any difference to email marketing?

There is a big advantage to this new way of marketing. The truth is that unlike email, most people read text messages. Response rates are through the roof when this is done correctly.

And like an email autoresponder such as Aweber and Getresponse, a text autoresponder makes building, maintaining and managing a list just as easy and affordable as ever.

Features many of the best mobile autoresponder companies have for the marketer are the following:

–Easy to use

–Unlimited subscribers

–Custom auto replies

–Multiple campaigns

–Text message broadcasts

–Unlimited texts

–Two ways to sign up subscribers by web to text or short codes

There are a lot of opinions flying around on this new type of marketing. The big objection is that people are ignoring marketing texts thus reducing the response rates.

Is this really true?

Well of course it is to a point. In any area of marketing, you have those that follow good practices and those that spam. It’s no different for mobile marketing. With that said, marketing the right way like email marketing and building a list of prospects or customers that have agreed to be on your list, is even more effective than email.

Since technology is going mobile, this is going to be the way to effectively market now and far into the future. Let it be a piece of cake by finding a mobile autoresponder that will make this task as easy and as automatic as possible.

Autoresponders – Basics of Autoresponders and How They Make You Money

Autoresponders are a great tool when starting to make money online as they are an essential tool for your success. If the term “autoresponder” is new to you, it is just the technical term for:

  • Automatic emails
  • Mailbots
  • Email Responders

These types of automated emails are the best way to keep in contact with your customers and will help you make more money in your business.

Most types of autoresponders work similarly: they will send out a series of automated emails when someone signs up to your list or subscribes to your newsletter. If you want to be successful in your online marketing or offline business, building an email list is the single most important thing you can do.

Here are some methods for building an email list:

  • Get a huge Facebook following
  • Offer incentives on Twitter
  • Put a sign up form on your page that will add people to your autoresponder
  • Give a way freebies, such as a guide or report or audio file to help build your email list

Once a subscriber is added to your email list, you will have pre-set up a series of automated email messages that will hit the user’s email account at set intervals, depending on you set it up.

How Autoresponders Make You Money

Let’s say we have a mailing list or newsletter on skiing. You have a site set up to give the customers reviews on the newest ski equipment. On the top corner of your page you will want to set up your autoresponder email capture form. This will allow the customer to enter their name and email address so that you can stay in touch with them about your new ski reviews.

Provide Quality in Your Emails

Now you will want to stay in touch with the customers and let them know about your latest reviews. Your autoresponder will allow you to set up a series of emails that will automatically send out to the customers, on complete autopilot!

Now the best part – every once in awhile you can insert your affiliate link (let’s say to Amazon, for example) and if the customer clicks on the link and buys something from the website where you direct them, you make a commission!

Autoresponders allow you to build a relationship so that the customers will want to read your emails and buy stuff you recommend. This happens because they trust you!

If you want to build your business, make sure you are using some autoresponder to keep in touch with your customers!

The Art of Using Auto-Responders in Your Online Business

Auto-responders are a tool built into most message management systems. Whether you are using Mail Chimp, AWeber, Constant Contact, IContact or almost any other quality messaging service, an auto-responder will be built into the product suite.

What they allow you to do is send out a series of messages to your e-mail subscriber customer at intervals without manually having to do any work beyond the original setup of your e-mail campaign series.

For example, when they first subscribe to you, it is customary to send them a welcome message that tells them a little more about you or your organization and possibly provides them with a gift they hopefully will value. Gifts can be created in many forms and it is entirely up to you as to what you decide to give them and by the way, it often transpires that the person is willing to sign up to you because you have advertised the gift beforehand, they have seen it and they want it – so give good thought to what you give out as it may be what gets them to sign up in the first place. A few guiding principles for your gift:

  • To keep your costs down or at nil, make it something that can be electronically transferable to the person signing up.
  • The gift most often should be educational or inspirational to them in some way – so they do remember it over time and treasure that you were willing to part with it
  • It should be perceived as being a gift of high value to them – they will treasure it more and you don't want them to feel insulted by it – i recommend you think hard and give them something you would value if you were in their shoes .
  • It should be something that stands out – is unique – you don't want to give them something that they can get anywhere on the internet. Make them feel special.
  • The gift should have relevance to your business. After all, it is your type of business they have expressed an interest in when they signed up in the first place.

So here are some gift ideas that I think may be useful to someone just signing up to your business.

  • A checklist of good ideas that they can use to make money in some fashion if they apply themselves.
  • A checklist of something relevant to your business. Are you in Travel? How about a checklist of things to pack when you go on a trip – etc.
  • Are you an online trainer? Give them a coupon for a free course.
  • Have you written and published anything? Give them a copy of it or let them download a free copy of it electronically.
  • Give them an application or some software that could be useful to them.
  • Give them a template or templates of something (could be done in Excel, or PowerPoint, etc.)
  • A free sample of something
  • A plugin of some sort, custom ringtones, screensaver, free music access, etc. – you get my drift.

So this gets us past the first thing you do with your auto-responder. You can automate all of this so they can signup, get their gift and you don't need to manually do any additional work at all except for maybe view your signup statistics periodically.

Once they have signed up, start sending them periodical useful information such as a newsletter. Most marketers will get something out to their subscriber base about once a week or so. The newsletter really shouldn't be trying to sell them anything, just convey some more knowledge or insights to them to help them during their day. You want to send them content that they will want to see and that they will be looking forward to your next installment with a desire to open the next message from you when it arrives.

Pat Flynn, a well respected and successful online marketer says he only sends them a promotional message about every one in seven messages. A strategy like this is a good thing to keep in mind. As you set up your auto-responder campaign, it's a good idea to be thinking of setting up a series of 30 or more messages in a periodic sequence, carefully interspersing your promotional messages so that they don't feel inundated with pressures to purchase anything . You want them believing you are in a relationship with them – that you are not just a salesman.

And when they get to the end of your auto-responder series, hopefully they have purchased something by then. But in any case, keep the relationship going – you can have multiple campaigns built into your messaging platforms over time. A second series of e-mails can start after the first one concludes. These cost you nothing but a bit of time to setup – and they are well worth it as you never know when your prospect will choose to buy or who he or she will tell about you if they like you – which helps you grow.

So use auto-responders in your business and give them careful thought when setting up. You may find that over time, they become the heart and soul of the marketing side of your business venture. Good luck in your marketing activities.

Why You Need to Have an Autoresponder

Autoresponders, heaven sent! I have been in the business world for so long and I have never found a system that has helped me in so many ways. I never thought a simple auto-response system could do so much and help me in my day to day tasks. From the moment I started to use an auto-responder system I have gained more sales and more customer trust. More so, I have never realized that this could be such a great marketing tool. This system is just amazing.

In case you do not know what an autoresponder is, it is a system that will allow you to send automated messages and emails to your customers. In addition, it also allows you to send reminders and promotional material about your product or service. Lastly, it can send predetermined greetings to your subscribers during holidays or even during their birthdays.

This system really opened my eyes to achieving greater results with my business. Here are some benefits that I found while using this system:

1.) I found out that I have built STRONG RELATIONSHIPS with my subscribers and customers. My customers and prospects felt they were given more importance. It makes people feel more 'connected' and part of something. They felt needed and wanted. With this system, I have built more credibility and trust.

My subscribers have sent me emails of gratitude because I have answered all their needs during the times that they needed hep the most.

This system is really a remarkable way to get to know your subscribers. This is also a way that they get to know your company and the more they get to know more about your products and services, the more they become interested then the more likely they are to make a purchase.

2.) I have discovered that this system will give your customers a 24-hour service. Yes, you heard that right. The system functions 24 hours daily so information and replies will be sent anytime needed. This system will also allow you to take vacations as long as you want because while you're out and away from your office, your business will be taken care of. The needs of your subscribers will immediately be answered.

3.) Upon usage of this system, I have realized that it is indeed a PROMOTIONAL TOOL. I send feature articles to my subscribers in a predetermined time and day of the week. In this way, they get to know my company more; the products and services that I offer. I have also noticed that my sales have sometimes tripled. The reason behind this is that the more information I send to my subscribers, the more and more interested they become about what I am promoting.

4.) Another great thing about auto-responders is that I have now LESS WORRIES AND LESS WORK LOAD as I have already set my autoresponder to do the reminders, follow-ups and promotions for my business. I now have more time to relax. Before I discovered this system, my breaks were spent mostly answering emails. Now, with an autoresponder system, my break is about having a good cup of coffee and a good magazine to read.

5.) It has also DECREASED MONTHLY EXPENSES. I did not have to hire more employees that had to look after my marketing and follow-ups. This is a one-time investment. If you hire employees, you may spend the bulk of your income for paying compensation to your employees.

These are the five major benefits you can get from the autoresponder. Stay top of mind and get this auto-response feature now.

The Five Main Advantages of Autoresponders

Autoresponders – Why has this system become so popular with the majority of businesses today? This is actually a system that automatically sends messages to your customers and/or clients. Any message you want to give them will be received by every single subscriber in your list. For the most part, entrepreneurs use this system because it makes businesses more effective, efficient and easy. For you to be able to understand more about an auto-response system, continue reading below.

An autoresponder is a system that automatically sends messages to your customers. If you have meetings and a busy schedule that does not allow you to be able to reply or send messages to your subscribers then this system will be the one to do it for you all on auto pilot.

There are still many more things that these systems can do for you. They can be used as promotional tools, a follow-up tool and a reminder tool. It really makes an entrepreneurs life easy and convenient. Aside from all these benefits, there are five main advantages to using this system. Find out below.

The Five Main Advantages of Autoresponders:

1.) They can attract more subscribers. The messages that the autoresponder sends to your subscribers will also lead them to read articles regarding your products or services. It can also direct your subscribers to your blogs, your video channel or your website and other sites that display promotions for your company or business. Moreso, if there are things that your subscribers want to know about your business, you can set an autoresponder to do this task as well.

2.) Acquire determinate results. This system has a measuring device. It will let you know where your subscribers are located. It will also allow you to know what messages they read. Aside from this, you will be able to determine at what time of the day it is best to deliver messages to your subscribers so they will be able to read them right away. And believe it or not, they can keep track of the number of subscribers you will have in a day. These results will give you a better view on how to improve your business.

3.) You will be assured of efficiency in mail deliveries. This system will efficiently send messages to every subscriber in your list. It never fails and it never misses a contact. Hence, you can be assured that your messages are delivered.

4.) Brand your mails. Yes, you heard that right. We always love to brand our emails. With this system, you can do so. You can add your logo; you can add a tagline; and even your contact details. You can add anything you want to emphasize.

5.) No need for more employees. The good thing about autoresponders is that it eliminates the need to hire employees who add more cost to your monthly expenses. This system will do all the marketing and promotions. It can also send follow-ups and reminders to all your subscribers. These are the five major advantages of the autoresponder. These are the clear reasons why entrepreneurs use them among other systems.

If you are someone who is into business, then try using an autoresponder to enhance yours. You will find that they will give you more sales and more opportunities to connect with your customers.

Autoresponders – Have You Tried Using One?

Are you familiar with autoresponders? They are not new, but some people that are new to internet marketing have not heard about them yet. The main goal of this article is to let you know what an autoresponder system is and how they work.

Most of my readers are online businessmen and because of their busy schedules they find it hard to respond to their customers immediately. They are looking for a system that will do this for them. This is what an autoresponder does.

An autoresponder is a system that automatically and immediately replies to a certain comment or message. Let me illustrate it to you via an example.

Mr. Daniels is an online businessman. He has meetings every week. Because of this, he cannot reply to his customers right away. He found out that when customers are not replied to immediately, they tend to lose interest. This can cost his business a lot of lost revenue. Recently, he used an autoresponder to solve this problem. He is now able to automatically inform his clients that he is in a meeting and will get back to them as soon as possible.

This is not the only thing an autoresponder can do. It also allows an enterprise to respond to a newsletter subscription automatically or verify a subscription cancellation.

There are actually two types of this automatic response system:

Time-based autoresponders . These systems can send automatic messages to any member of your contact list. It is sent in a particular sequence which starts from the day a contact first joins your campaign.

Event-based autoresponders. These are more of a specific type of response system. The response is sent when a subscriber executes an action you identify. For example, click the link, opens the message, alters personal information, reaches a goal set, receives a specified autoresponder message, pledge to your campaign or other distinctive date you label.

This automatic response system makes the lives of many businessmen a whole lot easier. It also helps to bind the relationship of the business owner to his clients. In other words, an autoresponder system can help build better relationships with your clients

I have also started using this system and I also find that my customers feel better connected to me. They feel special and important. I have received numerous emails from my customers telling me how they feel and that I am making them more of a priority because they noticed that regardless of how busy I am that I always have the time to let them know where I am and what time I can get back to them.

This is the magic that an auto-response system can do. Most entrepreneurs have found how important it is using this system because it does not only give you a good connection to your customers but it also saves you time from responding to all of them when you are busy with something else or on a vacation.

The autoresponder is really a lifesaver and I believe every businessman should use it.

How You Can Automate Your Business Using Autoresponders

What is an Autoresponder?

An Autoresponder is a program or service that allows you to automatically send pre-written emails to anyone at anytime. It is basically a sequential automated email system. You write messages, load it on your Autoresponder, set the time difference between emails being sent out, then leave your Autoresponder to finish the job. You can then get people to start the email sequence by sending a blank email to your Autoresponders email address or complete a form at your website.

How you can automate your business using autoresponders

Let's see why Autoresponders are important to those who own internet businesses.

Consider this; your visitors would only have 3 options when they visit your site.

1) Buy your product or service.

2) Leave their email & other information for follow-up.

3) Click away.

You wouldn't want prospects to click away right? You and I know that if they click away, they probably would never come back again.

So, what is next? What are the chances prospects will make purchases on their first visit? Chances are rather slim right? That leaves you to focus on trying to make visitors choose option no.2 … to leave email addresses and other contact information. You can create a subscription form and place it at a strategic location inviting visitors to subscribe. You can then increase subscription rates by throwing in a free eBook or report in exchange for their email address. You may give them a freebie today, but as your messages build relationships with them, you will end up earning money from them for years to come.

When they have submitted their email, you will send them messages on a regular basis. This is where you will need an Autoresponder. You can write a series of follow-up emails or good training materials and load it up on the Autoresponder, and then leave the Autoresponder to send out those emails at a specified time.

Besides sending out follow up messages, Autoresponders could also accomplish other tasks. Consider another scenario. You have a lot of people asking the same questions about your product or service over and over again. If the same questions are being asked too many times, you probably would grow frustrated answering them. Setting up an Autoresponder to reply to all these messages while personalizing each email sent pretty much solves the problem.

Where to get an Autoresponder?

You can find a free Autoresponder service at or if you do not mind paying a little fee you might want to consider using Getresponse at or Aweber at http : // .

In conclusion, having an Autoresponder will save you a lot of precious time. It helps by automating part of your business so that you can spend time focusing on expanding your business.

Autoresponder – The Key to Running a Successful Online Business

In this article, we shall define what autoresponders are, and why you should utilize them to achieve successful online business.

If you run an online business it means you already own a website or a blog. Once your online business is setup, the next most important thing to consider is using an effective autoresponder.

Autoresponder defined

In simple understandable term, it is actually electronic newsletters forwarded automatically to your subscribers via your mailing list, and this is done at intervals that you specify or define. By sample, you can design and specify an autoresponder so that once a person signs up to your mailing list he or she will receive a welcome note from your business. Subsequently, you can send other messages such as business discount codes, invitation to connect on social media, new product launch, etc.

The importance of autoresponders

Using autoresponders for your online business keeps a large bulk of your email marketing automated, and that's if you setup things appropriately. With an autoresponder installed on your website, your subscribers will be able to receive specific vital key messages about your business. With this benefit, you do not need to bother about manually sending these messages out, as it is fully automated as set. This simply makes the importance of using autoresponders all the more clear. In short, they help you save time running your online business, loads of it.

How can you utilize autoresponders to help promote your online business?

• You can utilize them to forward custom birthday greetings with other related offers to subscribers on your mailing list.

• You can transition a subscriber from one phase of communication to another after they purchase an item / product. For example, you can move a subscriber from a 'prospect' level series of messaging to 'upsell' series of communication.

• You can forward mails to subscribers exactly one month after they purchased a product. This can be done to motivate them to renew a 'policy or guarantee.'

When autoresponders are utilized in such creative and meaningful ways, it can help generate substantial sales and income – with high returns on investment for your business.

To use them, you can sign up with popular providers such as MailChimp, Getresponse, Aweber, Mad Mimi or Campaign Monitor, etc. These providers are renowned for offering businesses robust autoresponders with dedicated tools for hosting mailing lists and forwarding newsletters and messages.

Finally, autoresponders when setup and used properly can help online businesses automate lots of marketing activities and tailor specific messages to a mailing list for profit making and client engagement.

Autoresponders – The Perfect Business Partners

Communication with customers and subscribers is vital if you are to successfully build an internet business. Trying to keep up with the non-stop flow of business-related emails into your inbox can make you feel a bit like the little Dutch boy with his finger in the dike trying to stem the floodwaters. Unfortunately, people (not surprisingly) expect prompt responses to their emails. Unless you can find a way to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 52 weeks in the year, you will find yourself swamped and going down for the third time. An autoresponder can be your lifeboat, appearing over the horizon in answer to your distress call.

Emails are an essential part of a modern internet business for a whole range of reasons. Emails give a vital reciprocal link with your customer database. It simply isn't possible to keep a hands-on approach to all your email communication or you will never have the time to actually run your business properly. There is always the option of employing someone to deal purely with emails but that would be a very expensive solution.

An email autoresponder is the answer. That answer immediately poses the question: "What is an autoresponder?" As the name suggests, autoresponders are set up to respond automatically with messages, reports, e-books, etc. which you have programmed into them. They will, to all intents and purposes, run part of your business for you on automatic pilot. There are many excellent examples of autoresponder software available, most are inexpensive, – some even free. This software will instantly reply to incoming mail sending out pre-prepared messages or even digital products. They can send out a sequence of follow-up emails to new customers to build that all important relationship as well as presenting a backend offer at the appropriate time.

So let us look at exactly how to use autoresponder capabilities. Autoresponders give you very easy access to your customer database. If you wish to send out a special offer or bonus to all your customers, an autoresponder can do this for you, regardless of the size of your list. By keeping your subscribers up-to-date with newsletters, new offers and so on, autoresponders can help forge a close relationship with your customers. Indeed, modern autoresponders can be programmed to perform many, many different tasks both in collecting information and disseminating it.

Autoresponders are a powerful, highly effective and indispensable marketing tool used by almost all internet marketers today. They allow us to make, and maintain contact with thousands of customers and potential customers. By constructive use of an autoresponder we can automate a major part of our business. Considering the large numbers of people that internet marketers need to communicate with on a regular basis, an autoresponder can be looked on as a personal assistant; – needing no sleep, no lunch breaks, no trips to the bathroom and no holidays. They don't have 'bad days' or turn up for work worse for wear after sitting in a traffic jam for 3 hours. They are not hindered by the effects of either a cold or a hangover. They are essential in the successful running of any online business. Autoresponders are, indeed, the perfect business partners.

Profitable Online Business – Tips to Make Your Business Profitable Online

If you are one of those looking for profitable online business to start with, there are actually a lot of options and opportunities, but of course, your choice matters most. Although you may not be profitable in one business that made millions for others, there are some general tips that can help you put up a profitable business for you.To help you get started on how to put up a profitable online business, here are some tips that you might find useful.
Start with a good business website. Whether you are in the cake business or you want to start a photography business or you want to put up a consultancy online, or an eBay business, it is important that you create a good website. When it comes to defining a good website, it usually means having a professionally designed website, a website that is easy to navigate and easy to load and a website that has a good volume of traffic. If you start with such a website, you can actually find it easy to make any business profitable.
Work on bringing more and regular traffic to your site. If you have an exiting good website and you want to venture into some profitable businesses, you can do so if you constantly have regular traffic to your site. Regular and consistent traffic is one of the important keys in making tons of money online. You can drive regular and consistent traffic to your website by posting good content regularly and updating your site regularly as well. By advertising your site, you can also get consistent traffic as well.
Find a profitable niche. Another important thing that you have to consider in putting up a profitable online business is to start with a profitable niche. Although you can make money in your niche of interest, there are also niche that are just such profitable online. These are often those that people search for online. Electronics and gadgets to computer software – these are just a few of the profitable items online and having a niche about these items can also be a profitable choice for you.
Learn and explore the many ways to advertise and promote your business online. Whatever business or niche you choose online, advertising it is also another important element in making your business profitable. Of course, competition can also be tough on the internet and having a good online marketing technique and strategy can make you go ahead of your competitors as well. Explore affiliate marketing as well. Putting up your own affiliate marketing program for your business can also boost your business’s presence online and in fact, can give you faster sales as well.
Of course, to put up a profitable online business, you also have to learn what are the products that are sellable online. Among those that can easily get good sales online are those products that are easy to ship and deliver to any parts of the world.