Autoresponders to Attract More Physical Therapy Patients

When a patient walks through your physical therapy clinic doors or calls to find out more information you have staff ready and waiting to greet these patients and take down their contact information.

How about a prospective patient who has recently injured themselves and has a prescription for physical therapy.

They go online and search for PT clinics in their area.

Let’s say it’s 10pm and your clinic website comes up in their search. Do you have anyone there to take down their information. Without the proper internet marketing, this prospect will leave your site and you will have no way to contact them again.

An autoresponder is vital tool that you need to include on your PT clinic’s website. This tool directs a patient who visits your site to take the next step in your marketing funnel which is to provide you with their name and email.

They fill out this information in return for something of value or some piece of information that would benefit them.

Physical Therapy clinics use a wide variety of offers such as a wellness newsletter, free e-book on stretching, videos, articles and much more. The patient puts their name and email in the sign up box to obtain this free information from the expert PT’s at your clinic.

So, your first area of focus should be on brainstorming ideas of what you could provide of value to prospective patients.

There are many autoresponder services. There are some free services but from past experience you should avoid these. It is true, you get what you pay for. There are many quality services that are fairly inexpensive. Head over to my blog for more information. Feel free to contact me as well if you have specific questions. The link is in the resource box below.

Most of these services are user friendly and walk you through the process of setting up the autoresponder.

Remember that the ultimate goal is to provide valuable content to your subscribers. Your follow up emails must give valuable information and cannot be blatant ads for your clinic. You will quickly become an expert Physical Therapy clinic online and attract more patients to your door.

Once again, If you need help with your autoresponder please let me know by visiting my blog which can be found in the resource box below.

Make sure you implement this valuable tool before you lose another prospective patient.