How You Can Automate Your Business Using Autoresponders

What is an Autoresponder?

An Autoresponder is a program or service that allows you to automatically send pre-written emails to anyone at anytime. It is basically a sequential automated email system. You write messages, load it on your Autoresponder, set the time difference between emails being sent out, then leave your Autoresponder to finish the job. You can then get people to start the email sequence by sending a blank email to your Autoresponders email address or complete a form at your website.

How you can automate your business using autoresponders

Let's see why Autoresponders are important to those who own internet businesses.

Consider this; your visitors would only have 3 options when they visit your site.

1) Buy your product or service.

2) Leave their email & other information for follow-up.

3) Click away.

You wouldn't want prospects to click away right? You and I know that if they click away, they probably would never come back again.

So, what is next? What are the chances prospects will make purchases on their first visit? Chances are rather slim right? That leaves you to focus on trying to make visitors choose option no.2 … to leave email addresses and other contact information. You can create a subscription form and place it at a strategic location inviting visitors to subscribe. You can then increase subscription rates by throwing in a free eBook or report in exchange for their email address. You may give them a freebie today, but as your messages build relationships with them, you will end up earning money from them for years to come.

When they have submitted their email, you will send them messages on a regular basis. This is where you will need an Autoresponder. You can write a series of follow-up emails or good training materials and load it up on the Autoresponder, and then leave the Autoresponder to send out those emails at a specified time.

Besides sending out follow up messages, Autoresponders could also accomplish other tasks. Consider another scenario. You have a lot of people asking the same questions about your product or service over and over again. If the same questions are being asked too many times, you probably would grow frustrated answering them. Setting up an Autoresponder to reply to all these messages while personalizing each email sent pretty much solves the problem.

Where to get an Autoresponder?

You can find a free Autoresponder service at or if you do not mind paying a little fee you might want to consider using Getresponse at or Aweber at http : // .

In conclusion, having an Autoresponder will save you a lot of precious time. It helps by automating part of your business so that you can spend time focusing on expanding your business.

Autoresponders – The Perfect Business Partners

Communication with customers and subscribers is vital if you are to successfully build an internet business. Trying to keep up with the non-stop flow of business-related emails into your inbox can make you feel a bit like the little Dutch boy with his finger in the dike trying to stem the floodwaters. Unfortunately, people (not surprisingly) expect prompt responses to their emails. Unless you can find a way to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 52 weeks in the year, you will find yourself swamped and going down for the third time. An autoresponder can be your lifeboat, appearing over the horizon in answer to your distress call.

Emails are an essential part of a modern internet business for a whole range of reasons. Emails give a vital reciprocal link with your customer database. It simply isn't possible to keep a hands-on approach to all your email communication or you will never have the time to actually run your business properly. There is always the option of employing someone to deal purely with emails but that would be a very expensive solution.

An email autoresponder is the answer. That answer immediately poses the question: "What is an autoresponder?" As the name suggests, autoresponders are set up to respond automatically with messages, reports, e-books, etc. which you have programmed into them. They will, to all intents and purposes, run part of your business for you on automatic pilot. There are many excellent examples of autoresponder software available, most are inexpensive, – some even free. This software will instantly reply to incoming mail sending out pre-prepared messages or even digital products. They can send out a sequence of follow-up emails to new customers to build that all important relationship as well as presenting a backend offer at the appropriate time.

So let us look at exactly how to use autoresponder capabilities. Autoresponders give you very easy access to your customer database. If you wish to send out a special offer or bonus to all your customers, an autoresponder can do this for you, regardless of the size of your list. By keeping your subscribers up-to-date with newsletters, new offers and so on, autoresponders can help forge a close relationship with your customers. Indeed, modern autoresponders can be programmed to perform many, many different tasks both in collecting information and disseminating it.

Autoresponders are a powerful, highly effective and indispensable marketing tool used by almost all internet marketers today. They allow us to make, and maintain contact with thousands of customers and potential customers. By constructive use of an autoresponder we can automate a major part of our business. Considering the large numbers of people that internet marketers need to communicate with on a regular basis, an autoresponder can be looked on as a personal assistant; – needing no sleep, no lunch breaks, no trips to the bathroom and no holidays. They don't have 'bad days' or turn up for work worse for wear after sitting in a traffic jam for 3 hours. They are not hindered by the effects of either a cold or a hangover. They are essential in the successful running of any online business. Autoresponders are, indeed, the perfect business partners.