The Case Against Using An Autoresponder

I’ve had to put on my best armour today.

Why? Because I’m no doubt gonna get one hell of a backlash from certain people. After all, email marketers are supposed to love autoresponders.

Aren’t they?

Well, hold your horses. Because I’m here to tell you why you should be sending daily emails (as daily broadcasts) as opposed to relying on an autoresponder sequence.

Ready? Let’s get straight into it…

1) You can’t be “current” with an autoresponder

One of the best things about daily email, is that you get to talk about current events.

And when you talk to your prospects about current things that are happening in the world, they’re gonna pay attention.

Want an example? Okay then. When Leicester won the Premier League, it gave me something current to talk about. And it turned out to be one of the most profitable emails I’ve written. I reckon this was just because people could relate to it, as it had only just happened.

TV series’ and films also make for great email fodder. Again, clearly you have to be current when talking about these.

But if you relied on an autoresponder, you couldn’t exactly be “current”, could you…

2) You risk “losing” a lot of people because of one email

Look, even I write a poor email once in a while (I know, shock horror, right?!).

But that doesn’t matter. Because I can just make sales the next day with a better email. And that poor email would then be consigned to history.

But if that same email was in an autoresponder sequence, every single person who joined my list in the future would also receive it. Yes, I know you could take it out or change it. But that’s making things harder than they need to be. Sending daily emails is just so less complicated.

3) Autoresponders don’t tend to “pitch” in every single email

Look, I know you can easily make an autoresponder with a sales pitch in every email.

But the fact of the matter is, most autoresponders don’t. Instead, they tend to tell a story that is told over the course of numerous emails, before then pitching a product/service.

Now, listen.

I’m sure this works.

There are certainly guys who do successfully use autoresponders. Andre Chaperon and John McIntyre spring to mind.

But I believe Ben Settle is the best email marketer in the world. And he does daily email. And, yes, he pitches every single day – without having to take anyone through a long-winded story sequence. Clearly, you’re gonna make money faster doing it Ben’s way. And I like fast. I’m sure you do, too.

Anyway, I’m not saying autoresponders are the devil.

Far from it.

In fact, they do have some advantages over daily broadcasts.

But you know what? For me personally, nothing has come even close to beating daily email when it comes to making sales.

And trust me, if you do it right, it’ll be the same for you, too.

A Simple Case For the Autoresponder

If you’re new to online marketing and are not sure if you should even be using an auto-responder then this article may help you to make a decision to use one.

First of all, what is are auto-responders?

They are an email program located on a mail server which you can load up with pre-written emails which can be sent at regular intervals. When a person clicks on an opt-in form on a website for more information an email is sent within minutes of the request.

How do they work?

The most common method used is a simple website opt-in form where a person enters their name and email address for more information. Upon receiving the request, the auto-responder will send a confirmation email with a link for the person to click to verify they actually want to receive your emails. Once they have agreed to receive your emails the auto-responder will begin sending out your pre-set emails.

Should I use an auto-responder for my business?

Absolutely! One of the major reasons is that you can offer 24/7 follow-up to any request for more information. Plus you can market your business on the back end, so to speak, through leaving your business links in your emails. You must be careful to deliver the information that you promised, and not blatant advertising emails, this is spamming. However, leaving your business link in your email signature is allowed and can be a very powerful yet subtle form of marketing.

No matter how you look at it, an auto-responder can help you bring in earnings – as well as make your life a lot easier. They are easy to use, and will work great with your site. If you operate several web pages, you simply must have one of these. Once you use an auto-responder you’ll never want to be without one again. If you’re serious about building a prosperous business you absolutely must have one.

I personally use an auto-responder for my “Internet Marketing,” and can’t imagine doing business without it! Since I started using one my business is growing in leaps and bounds. Yours will too.

Where do I find a good one?

Probably the best way is to simply Google it and choose one from the first page. You will find several good ones here. If you’re looking to make money online then I suggest signing up for a paid auto-responder service as they are more robust and you have full control. Plus they usually offer an affiliate program where you can get paid for referring others. This way you may end up with a free membership as you’ll be getting paid a percentage for each referral.

To be successful online you must have an auto-responder. The importance of building and maintaining a list of potential customers can’t emphasized enough if you want to maximize your business profit.