Downline Clubs: Pros and Cons

You are surfing the net and checking your email, just minding your own business, when you come across an email from your friend asking you to check her website out. You move the mouse cursor to the delete button when suddenly you stopped. A sentence that read “You can earn money through your friends! Join now and start getting thousands and thousands of cash monthly!” got your attention and you find yourself checking your friend’s site. You find what it has to say really interesting and start thinking of all the fine things you could acquire with all those money. So in no time at all you find yourself joining her club. Welcome to the wonderful world of the downline club where more and more people are being enticed in joining, thanks to the promise of easy money and gifts!

Downline club is something you join for free or else it would be deemed by SEC as a pyramid scam and would be illegal. The concept of money making here is simple: you make money through the people who joins below you. These people are aptly called your downlines. Once you join the club, you will then be given a personal website to promote and entice people in joining your downline club. The supposed beauty of a downline club is that you don’t really need to work hard to get downlines. You only have to convince two hardworking and passionate people to be your first downlines and the rest, as they say, would be history! One you have established your first level, let your downlines help you out. The people they will bring into the club will also be your downlines and so on and so forth. Thus, the more downlines your downlines bring, the more you earn!

Sounds easy enough eh? So why not all people have joined downline clubs then if money seems that easy to earn? The thing is, it is not that easy to earn money as what downline club members would let us to believe. Money begets money and even if joining a downline club requires you to pay no fee, the time and energy you spend in front of your pc logged on to the internet is taxing and will cost you something. Think of the electricity you would consume and internet bill that will pile up. Also, finding someone who is passionate in encouraging people to join downline clubs is pretty tough. Finding one is lucky enough and finding two is most of the time close to a miracle.

Downline clubs then are not for everyone. A downline club could be really profitable if the person has many contacts who he or she can persuade to join. Downline clubs are also for people who have a lot of time in their hands for this kind of business can really, really, really be time consuming. A special kind of marketing skill too is needed for this business. So if you don’t posses any of these things, not to patience and passions for this certain kind of business then don’t join at all for your success on such business would be limited. Then again, you could help out someone by just being a downline. Just don’t ever fantasize you could get something out of it.